In general, hospitality refers to receiving the guests with the kind and goodwill response by the host at places like Restaurants and any other public service arenas. The hospitality jobs will be opened with the requirement on engaging and treating their visitors with entertainment and goodwill, either from the front desk or by managing a group of associates to take care of the guests. Jobs in hospitality and hospitality management jobs are growing as never before. These are some of the best hospitality jobs that pays good.


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1. Casino Manager



Casino General Manager is the one who is responsive for the efficient run of the Casino and he makes sure the management about the profits and the activities of the Casino by supervising it. Casino is one place where you encounter all kinds of people where hospitality is a basic.

To be a casino manager, someone should obtain a four-year degree in the hospitality and business industry and then followed by the experience in the casino resort components such as food/beverage, operations, hotel, convention, entertainment, and many more. It is important to learn about the organization as well as passionate for the job. 

This is one of the best hospitality management jobs and  the general manager of casino property’s annual earning will be approximately $350,000 or more if he/she handles the entire managing aspects of the casino.


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2. IT jobs with hospitality firms



Any company needs IT (Information technology) team to handle the back office work. But incase of hospitality industry, especially, hotels and vacation companies are looking to expand their business online. As more and more travelers looking for online deals, the power of IT department need is inevitable fot them to stay alive in the competition. Every roles like programmer, analyst, IT manager, testers and more are paid high.

An experienced IT role salary averages between $90,000 and $150,000

The educational qualification to get a job in the IT department is to hold degree in Computer Science.


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3. Chef



There are many category of work in the Chef jobs, usually chef work according to the order of the managing chef, but the Regional chef is the one who is responsible for the long chain of the restaurant in a particular region and also he keeps on working for the new dishes to the region.

The average annual salary of the regional chef is approximately between $97,000 and $130,000. The average salary can rise if the regional chef plans and creates new menus as well as train restaurant chefs in the area for new recipes preparation. If you want to be a regional chef, at least, a bachelor degree and minimum 10 years of experience in the field is required.


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4. Public Relation Manager



The hospitality jobs have wide range of connection with almost all work fields. A public Relation Manager is the needful position for an organization successful reach to the people. Yes, because, the PRM is the one who keeps touch with the people and between the organizations. This makes the growth of the organization healthy in many possible ways as an organization can improve its service. They make the concern to gain more impressive reaction from the public. 

When you look for the median annual salary for the Public Relation Manager would be around $115,000.

The education requirement for the job is the Bachelors degree on Management Course.


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5. Area Restaurant Manager



The Area or the Regional Restaurant Manager works and coordinates with the Chief Manager about the daily needs and the key functions of the restaurants in the line of some particular region. Guests or diners come to restaurants in different moods for different reasons, where hospitality play a major role.

The salary of regional restaurant manager depends on the chain since it floats among restaurants group locations, coaching staff, recruitment, as well as profit improvement. For fast food restaurants, the salary ranges between $75,000 and $85,000 while for upscale restaurants, a regional restaurant manager can earn $150,000. The main responsibilities for regional restaurant manager are recruitment, managers training, and also sales plans. It is required at least bachelor degree and minimum seven years experience in the related field.


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6. Property manager



The jobs where you intend to satisfy the public in direct they are so doing hospitality jobs. Yes, because you will be greeting the public with all genuine manner. The property manager establishes the value of the property by comparing the corresponding properties and he calculates the taxes and depreciation rates. He holds the leaseholder by making attractive advertising and marketing is the place where he puts his full efforts to maintain the statistics. He negotiates with the leaseholder and collects the deposits.

The annual salary range of the Property manager is around $100,000.

The educational qualification for the job is to hold any undergraduate or post graduate degree certifications.


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7. Travel Manager



Travel manager is the one who works to make the agency profitable by selling the travel products and the travel tickets. They will be involved in managing the financial statements with regular profits.

Travel manager can earn for about $82,000 while the professional in the field earn $96,000 with plenty responsibility to organize the travel needs such as accommodations, budgeting, and other travel requests. To become a travel manager, it should be at least has bachelor degree and five years of experience in the travel 


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8. Director - Food and Beverages



The person who supervises personally in the kitchen and the supply of the food to the customer and planning about the expenses spent for the beverages is the Food and Beverage Manager or Director.

The responsibilities of a food and beverage director include budget planning and special events coordination, and also food and beverage marketing. The average earning for this jobs is $79,000 and for the professional staff $90,000.

The educational need for the job food and beverage director is to hold a degree or certificate and for the senior positions they may need high level experience.


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9. Event Manager



Event managers is the job comes under the sector of the Hospitality jobs. From rough look, event manager job may look as simple to handle, but being an event manager is not as easy as many people think. As event manager, you will be coordinating with the staffs and managing their works with proper schedule. For some event procedures, he will be in need to select and train some staffs. He is highly responsible for inviting the guests by sending invitation in right time. 

The educational requirement to become Event Manager is not compulsory to hold graduation but in some places you have to hold Bachelor’s degree in hospitality or public relations courses.

The annual salary for the Event Manager is around $84,000.


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10. Head of Housekeeping


The housekeeping head is the in charge for the clean and pleasurable environment in a hotel, hospital or anywhere and is one of the common jobs in hospitality industry. He is the one who plans the schedule of work in advance and makes the work done by supervising the workers.

Whether it is a head of housekeeping in hotel or casino, the average earning is $78,000 and the professional staff earns from about $89,000. It is require at least high school diploma and seven years of experience to become a head of housekeeping.


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11. Sommelier



The person who is expert about the wine, vodka and whatever they serve is said to be Sommelier. If you are a Sommelier, your duty will be to clear all the doubts to the guest about their taste and requiring wine.

In general a sommelier task is to explain anything about wine to the customers at high-end diners; however, actually their real job is to sell wine. They get paid for about $50,000 plus commissions based on their job skill.

A Sommelier is not asked for any graduation certificate but he will be demanded strictly to know about the varieties and about the tastes of the different types of wines.


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12. Reservation Managers



The hospitality related job covers in huge number of zones. As like, the Reservation Manager Jobs also related with hospitality as he will communicating with the public. The responsibility of the reservation manager in the concern, may consider now a hotel, he will be coordinating with the reservation team about the bookings of room and the convenient. He will be focused on communicating with the guest if there any issue and help the management to improve their facilities. 

The educational requirement to become Reservation Manager is to have graduation in the particular field and holding some experience certificate will bring more chance of getting the job. 

The annual salary of the Reservation Manager comes around $50,000.


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13. Cruise Ship Bartender



Bartender jobs in Cruise are related to something where you have direct contact with large number of guests and greeting with glad. The duties of the Cruise Ship Bartender to manage and supplying the needs if drinks to the large group of Guests. The important duty here is to understand the need and judging the taste of the maximum guests. As you have the direct contact with the guests, it is must to have friendly movement with the guests. 

The educational requirement for this job is not compulsory to hold certification but some cruise expects basic certification but any where you have to know about the drinks and method to make them. 

When you look for the median monthly salary for the Cruise Ships Bartender will come around $40000, but their tips make it more attractive.


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