The person, who involves in the part time medical physician assistant jobs, generally helps the physicians and also helps the other health caring persons. Part time physician medical assistant works under the information given by the physician or the doctor in the set up of clinic and thus they do the works like measuring and following up their injection details. The particular person who involved this field has to hold compulsory a registered certificate from the authorized college. Not only they keep follow the physician instruction but the work includes greeting the patient as well attending the phone calls.



General part time Medical Assistant job description:

       • Strictly following the details given by physician.

       • Following the patient’s medical records

       • Tracking the patients injection

       • Filing the patient’s medical details in Medical Report Department.

Part time weekend Medical physician Assistant job salary:

A medical assistant can earn in their part time work up to $14 per hour. Their pay will be increased on the basis of the time they work and the nature of their job. But the average common wage per hour is $13 to $14.

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Medical Assistant Online degrees, Certifications and training that help getting the job:

There are many medical assistant schools which provide the needed training and the programs which is the basic for becoming medical assistant. They need CMA certification and there are online facilities also to get the medical assistant education.

Similar jobs:

Jobs similar to medical assistant jobs are Healthcare Volunteer, Clinical Medical Assistant, Administrative Medical Assistant and Specialized Medical Assistant.

Part time Medical Assistant Job benefits:

       • Job opportunity at any time

       • There is a chance for you to work in various location as there will be need for medical assistant in all places

       • You get patience naturally working with patients

       • You get the work certificate to work in any state.


       • Need to be maintain patience in all the time during the work

       • You should be capable of doing many task

       • Should be able to bear with unexpected time apart from usual work time as there may be emergency call at any time

General work hours:

The working hours of Medical Assistant weekend or part time depend upon their deal and their free time.

Expected Medical Assistant job experience is:

A medical assistant is expected to hold a strong training certification and the practical courses. The part time and weekend medical assistant are asked to have the certified documents as their job involves the important role in promoting their unit.

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