Actors read a written script & express emotions, feelings through dialogue, facial expression & changes in body language.  Actors are seen performing various characters in television, movies, theaters, theme parks, and street shows etc.


General part time Acting (Actor/Actress) job description:-

Actors are expected to perform following responsibilities 

       • Read scripts thoroughly & discuss with other professionals 

       • Clear screen test & prepare themselves for various auditions

       • One of the most important responsibility is to do complete a research of character’s behavioral traits. This research helps actors imitate these characters on screen 

       • Rehearse & memorize their dialogues, as every retake has a cost.

       • Trust in director’s wisdom

Part time weekend Acting (Actor/Actress) jobs salary:-

Actor’s job salary varies depending upon the popularity of the face & nature of job practice. Casual or part time actors are paid close $30 per hour

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Cashier Online degrees, Certifications and training that helps getting the job:-

Though there is no specific qualification required for this job yet some technical certifications can help you bit in your days of struggle. Formal education is not mandatory, but sincere preparation for the character is very important.

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Similar jobs:-

Similar jobs are the model, announcers, dancers, choreographers, film & video editor camera operators, multimedia artists and animators, musicians, singers, producers and directors.

Part time Acting (Actor/Actress) Job benefits:-

       • Highly paid job

       • Popularity & high social status

       • Age is not a barrier

       • Freedom of choosing the work you want to do

       • If you love travelling than it is one of the finest job for you


       • Only a few succeed in reaching  the top notch position 

       • Income is highly variable, inconsistent income can lead to some serious problems in life

       • Keeping yourself better every day from previous is a tough challenge, if you fail to do so new comers will have more chance to replace you.

       • Rejection is a bitter truth

General work hours:-

Actor’s job timings are very irregular & hectic. At times work to start late evening and ends early morning due to demand of the scene or play. Apart of this irregularity travelling is also critical, you may have to live away from your family for months.

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