A house Cleaning job which will be done by the person who are fixed only for the only purpose to keep the residential home neat and clean.



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General part time House Cleaning job description: 

       •  Cleaning the house 

       •  Making the floor of the house to be neat and hygienic

       •  Using the vacuum machine to clean the home and appropriate machine for cleaning purpose

       •  Keeping the rest rooms very clean and neat


Part time weekend House Cleaning jobs salary:

The pay of a house cleaner range from $25 to $35, hourly costs. This differs according to the time how often you wanted them for your home. Generally, the average range will be $5 to $10 per clean on month basis.


Best places to find high paying part time House Cleaning jobs:

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Educational need for a House Cleaning job:

The house cleaners are not generally asked to finish any specified degree and sometimes they may be referred to be known to any particular language for the convenient between the house cleaner and the residential owner.


House Cleaning Online degrees, Certifications and training that helps getting the job:

Basically, the house cleaner may sometimes recruit by the team of workers on a month basis, during those times, the certification may require but generally no specific certification is asked.

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Similar jobs:

Similar jobs for house cleaning include Housekeeping and Executive Housekeeper.


Part time weekend Cleaning Job benefits:

       •  House cleaning is the demanding job as all the people needed a person to help them.

       •  As demand increases, the pay will be as expected



       •  The house cleaner will be asked to wear uniforms, so there will not be free in dress code

       •  Full time have to be engaged for the cleaning purpose only.


General work hours:

A house cleaner can work either full time or part time basis depending on the choice of them, the pay structure will be fixed.


Expected House weekend house Cleaning job experience is:

The experience will be asked in many places as keeping and maintain the home hygienic is the important thing for a healthy life.


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