A construction worker works as a team member on a construction site (home, building, or other such structure). Their job involves loading, unloading, mixing, and pouring materials such as concrete. They are also responsible for assisting equipment operators in securing special attachments to the equipment.



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 General part time Construction Worker job description:

       •  Assisting construction site workers in the erection of structures and their demolition.

       •  Drilling and blasting into the earth and rocks.

       •  Leveling earth and concrete by using shovels and trowels. 

       •  Removing hazardous materials and cleaning spills.

Part time weekend Construction Worker jobs salary:

A construction worker’s per hour pay ranges from $9.67 to $23.79 with an average pay of $14.59 per hour. Experience and type of employer are factors that play a part in the pay scale. Skills in construction estimation can lead to high pay scales in this job. Union workers receive high salaries too.

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Educational need for a Construction Worker job:

Construction workers are normally not required to receive any formal education but some may attend trade schools and classes for certification in related skills. Apprentice laborers are expected to be qualified with a high school diploma.

Construction Worker Online degrees, Certifications and training that helps getting the job:

CCWI and TCSG provide certifications and training can be obtained from OSHA.

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Similar jobs:

Jobs similar to a construction worker include building maintenance supervisor, carpenter, general contractor and maintenance and repair worker.

Part time Construction Worker Job benefits:

       •  Their skills can be used everywhere as the construction industry operates in every state.

       •  They are paid well.

       •  They are entitled to job security.

       •  They don’t require wearing any formal clothes so they are free to dress as they wish.


       •  Construction sites can be dangerous and workers may be prone to accidents.

       •  The job includes a lot of strenuous physical work.

       •  There are long work hours involving physically challenging tasks.

General work hours:

Construction workers can either work full time or part time shifts depending on the completion deadline of the construction of the structure.

Expected Construction Worker job experience is:

Experience in the form of apprenticeships is helpful where they get exposure to basic construction skills, safety procedures, and the correct usage of equipment and tools. 

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