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Convert your Blogging/ Article writing/Content development or any of your hobby into an online business in 60 minutes.


Are you good in blogging, teaching, cooking, gardening, information sharing, typing, drawing, teaching, article writing or any interesting idea that can help or engage people, then let’s start your online business TODAY under $50 within 60 minutes.


As we always say, everyone is intelligent and has great ideas, but most of them are lazy and don’t even try making their first move. YOU ARE NOT LAZY :), we appreciate your effort to start your online business and wish you ALL THE BEST. Here is a simple guide for aspiring business entrepreneurs from registering a website to monetizing their website.

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Step 1: Choose the right website name (Domain name)

Either you are writing the blogs for your own site or developing articles for someone else or want others to know about your business or service, first thing to do is to have a website. Owning a website is like having a shop, that’s why people in this business say get a website and you will start feeling the ownership, responsibility and start thinking about its development right away.

Choose the best website name that suits your business. It could be a small catchy word (like AMAZON.COM) or it could directly explain what your website is all about (like 

Step 2: Where and how to register a website name & hosting

Getting the domain name that you LIKE is not easy, so once you like a name, register it immediately. The cost per year to get a domain name starts from $0.99/year. And you need a place (server) to host your site i.e., to run your website and it starts from $5.99/month.

Here are the best places to register your website name and hosting, based on your business size.

1. WIX: The most commonly used provider especially for the non-technical persons. WIX gives free domain when you sign up for their ‘Unlimited’, suitable for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers who wants to monetize from the website, starting from $12/month which includes hosting and free website builder tools.

2. Godaddy :  World’s largest domain name seller provides domain name + hosting + Website builder for just  $1/month (really ONE dollar !) for a basic website. Then the catch is, the price goes up from the 2nd year to around $6/month. But the recommended package would be the ‘Business’ package which is $5.99/month suitable for small business.

3. Dreamhost: This is like the home for the BLOG websites and they provide free domain with the monthly hosting plan starting from $8.95/month.

Step 3 : Build your website

Option1: Build your website yourself

Building a website has become so easy nowadays that you don’t need any technical expertise or NO CODING skills to create a small basic website. With just a few drag and drop and adding the words you need to have in your website; it is ready in less than an hour. Nowadays all the hosting companies give you an option to use their FREE site builder tool and use their readily available templates to get your site up and running in minutes.

You can choose from any of these leading online hosting companies to get your site build yourselves:

1. WIX: They have some of the coolest templates and easiest website development tool. As mentioned before, their basic plan will allow you to just to create the site and run, but cannot be monetized. You need to choose ‘Unlimited’ which is suitable for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers who wants to monetize from the website. You can Register for free and explore.

2. Godaddy:  They have some of the standard templates covering almost all kinds of business and easy to use website builder tools.

3. Dreamhost: You can find some good word press blog site templates and easy to use website builder tools.

Option 2: Build your website through someone else

If you are having a little bigger plan about your online business, it is better to hire some experienced person or a team to create a website. Nowadays you can find experienced website developers a lot cheaper who can get you a cool website with many features for under $250.

Freelancer website gets you the people from all around the world and you can find any kind of skills to hire. It’s free to register and start posting your need immediately mentioning your budget, you will start receiving the response. Check for all kinds of skills available in Freelancer to plan on how you can make use of them.

Step 4: Find assistance

First step in a business is to understand that you cannot do it all alone, just for the reason that there is only 24 hours in a day. 

Even if you want a 1 page article or write something interesting in your ‘About Us’ page, you need to spend at least 3-4 hours to get it right until you are satisfied. You will need assistance in every step of your project while writing articles, create logo for your website, add some feature to your website, SEO optimization, advertising, etc and you can find assistance from as low as $5.

Freelancer gets you all kinds of skills for any budget and you can register free to browse through the talents, contest job posting, etc

Step 5 : Monetization (earn money)

This is the last step you should think about at your early stage. Any website will take few months to reach better with the people and get shown in the search engines like google, bing, yahoo etc. But for you to have a better idea on how your website can bring money, here are few basic ideas.

1. Placing  ‘Ads’ in your WebPages

2. Placing affiliate links in your website that helps your readers

Now, start building your website today and we wish you ALL THE BEST for your business.

Here are few free ebooks for you to learn more about online business on your leisure time



We will get you the complete step by step monetization guide very soon.


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