Here are few best online small businesses with low capital investments and high income ranges that require not much technical skills and can be established by anyone.


Blog writing/ Online Content Production/Article writing

This business deals with the creation of content for different online businesses and websites. It may include blog writing, article writing, creating product descriptions, writing eBooks, and other such webpage content creation. 

In this business, you’ll have to have the skills to meet deadlines and produce content according to the specifications of each client. You should also have good communication skills and the knowledge of web content creation. If the quality of your content is good, your client base will expand, leading to repetitive clients and generation of more leads. 

This business is a good investment with high returns because you can work from home by setting up an online or web based business, and you do not need to rent out an expensive office space. You will have to pay for a domain name and a website, but because this business has nothing to do with inventory, so renting a storage space or purchasing inventory is not a requirement and the costs automatically decrease considerably. 

Resources needed for blog writing/ Online Content Production/Article writing: A website, web hosting, a domain name, a marketing person (this can be you), to promote your content production business, content writing skills.

Investment needed for Blog writing/ Online Content Production/Article writing: A domain name creation can cost about $10 to $100 depending upon the type of domain name and a website, inclusive of graphics and content to make it as appealing to customers, can cost up to $5,000 or more. 

Expected returns on Blog writing/ Online Content Production/Article writing: The expected returns will depend on the number of clients and projects you are handling, the quality of content being produced, and the number of hours you work.

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Online eBay/Amazon seller

If you choose to enter into this business, you’ll be one of the many sellers on an e-commerce online store like eBay or Amazon. You can sell your products on these online shopping sites either by listing individual items whenever you have items to sell, or you can also choose to upload your entire inventory. 

You can also have your items drop shipped directly to eBay or Amazon and this way, you will not be required to invest too much in inventory and you can purchase products only when you have orders to fulfill. Plus, with a drop shipping option, you do not need any warehouse to store your inventory and can save up on those costs. 

This business is profitable with high returns because you don’t need to spend on the costs of setting up an online presence as Amazon and eBay already have a huge presence online. This online presence leads to increased sales as your product will be browsed by millions; all you have to do is get some knowledge on which items are sold most frequently. You do not even need to worry about the costs of creating a website or domain name. 

There is also an added advantage of referrals. People may search for a product you do not sell but it can show as a recommended purchase. These two online shopping sites have a global reach; thus, increasing your potential customer base. You have to set up an account or register first before starting to sell. 

Resources needed for online eBay/Amazon seller: A business tax ID, a business license, a drop shipping supplier, and products to sell online. 

Investment needed for online eBay/Amazon seller: Drop shipping fees and the fees for selling at Amazon and eBay will vary depending on the list of your items and products, but no start up costs are needed. 

Expected returns on online eBay/Amazon seller: The expected returns will be dependent upon the sales of your products and items online and the quantity of those sales. 


Online Beauty product seller

This business is about selling beauty and cosmetic products online by giving customers the opportunity and ability to buy beauty products that they require in order to meet their cosmetic needs. A significant factor in this business is that it has a continual growth on a daily basis because your cosmetic and beauty products are online for numerous customers which are not limited to a specific area. 

This way, brand awareness is enhanced, sales keep on increasing, and you get high income returns by investing some money to start up the business. In this line of business, you can choose to focus on a specific category such as skin care, hair, or makeup. You need to know who your target market is and what are their specific cosmetic needs and preferences. 

Since the beauty and cosmetic industry is driven by trends, it is, therefore, essential to keep up with current trends in order to succeed at this online business. You can create an e-commerce website or buy one; you’ll need to buy a domain name for its content, layout, and colors. No technical knowledge is needed to validate a webpage and webpage validators can be used for this purpose.  

This business is a good investment as it offers products to customers worldwide, has low overhead costs and payment for offices and lease commitments are not required. A drop shipping agreement with your manufacturer can decrease financial risks with less costs and more consistent profit margins. 

Resources needed for online Beauty product seller: A website, web hosting, a domain name, beauty products of the category you have chosen, and a marketing person to advertise the business (this can be you). 

Investment needed for online Beauty product seller: Domain name registration cost is $10 to $100 per year depending on hosting and traffic services. Total costs can be $36 to $80. Costs to manufacture or procure the products may vary depending on the manufacturer. They can go up to $5,000 or above especially if you are making the beauty products yourself. 

Expected returns on online Beauty product seller: It varies depending on whether you have chosen to manufacture or make the beauty products yourself. 


Online MLM business

An online Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business, also referred to as a network marketing business, is a marketing strategy where the sales force receives compensation for the sales that are generated by them and also for the sales that are generated by the salespersons that are recruited by them. 

The investment cost of starting up this business is low in comparison with the sales. You are likely to generate once you set up an online presence. Plus, you also generate income from the sales that are generated from your recruits. 

Since there is no requirement of any employees, you can, therefore, work from home and save on the added costs of workspace rentals and the furniture for your rental office. In addition to this, you will not be restricted for time or place as you can work whenever you want and wherever you want, since you need only your phone, internet access, and your computer. 

Resources needed for online MLM business: A website, web hosting, a domain name, and knowledge of marketing, sales and advertising. 

Investment needed for online MLM business: You need a domain name and website and additional marketing to build and enhance your presence online and so the cost can range from $10 to $100 for the registration of your domain name and the website creation costs can go to $5,000 or more. 

Expected returns on online MLM business: The expected returns on an online MLM business are dependent on the amount of sales generated by you and your recruits. 


Virtual assistant business

A virtual assistant is an independent business contractor who provides creative, technical support and administrative services to a multitude of clients. You need to set your prices and decide which industry you’ll serve and what services you’ll offer, depending on your knowledge and skills. 

You need to select a business name and build a client base within your target market. You can also develop contacts with fellow virtual assistant in the business and need to keep up with technological advancements. 

This business is a high return business because you can work from anywhere as long as you have your laptop and the required technology with you and you can play to your strengths by choosing the services you offer and excelling at them. 

By earning certifications and credits, you can demand higher fees from your clientele and since you can work from home, costs of purchasing an office space and equipment can be eliminated. Since the business is online, the capital investment is considerably lower and the returns will be high as an online business is open to a host of clients worldwide and can bring in money. 

Resources needed for virtual assistant: A website, a domain name, software, web hosting, knowledge of the services you have chosen to offer, and a marketing person to promote the business (this can be you).

Investment needed for virtual assistant: $250 to $5000 for taking up training courses, paying for the website and domain name, etc. If you can set the website yourself, it may cost almost nothing at all. 

Expected returns on virtual assistant: $15 up till $100 per hour or can vary depending on the amount of the per project fees. 


Affiliate marketing

This business is based on internet advertising and allows online businesses to associate themselves and affiliate with website owners using programs. You can make money in this business by generating leads, traffic and sales for your merchant’s business. 

Lots of companies use affiliate programs so that their online sales can be boosted. Upon signing up for such an affiliate program, you will be assigned a link with an ID. This link is then used so that you can market your merchant’s products, and they can track down those who have clicked on your link and if they end up buying the product, then you will get a commission. That’s how you can make money in this business.  

This business has low start up costs because there is no need for any special equipment and therefore, no costs of supplies or inventory. The investment costs for this business are also low as you don’t need to worry about any shipment costs since there is no shipping involved. 

Also, most of the affiliate programs are free to join. So you can invest in this business with extremely low startup costs and get high returns while offering your services. You will start earning more when you start referring more customers. 

Potential buyers can go to your affiliate programs if you promote it by creating a website. You will need to drive traffic to your website because the traffic it gets the more sales you will be likely to generate. This can be done by article marketing, and by posting messages and videos about the product on different forums. 

Resources needed for affiliate marketing: A marketing agent to advertise the business (this can be you), article or blog writing skills, a website, and knowledge on promotion and sales generation. 

Investment needed for affiliate marketing: Start up cost is usually free as you only need to sign up for an affiliate program. If you create a website or write articles, the costs can range from $150 right up to $3,500 including the article postings and the type of content on your website. 

Expected returns on affiliate marketing: This will be based on the commission you earn and on the amount of traffic you are able to generate if you create a website. 


Resume writing service

This business is based on writing resumes for a variety of different clients and customers from different backgrounds and industries. 

There is a relatively low cost to enter this market as there are no overhead or rental costs and the only things  you need will be a laptop and a technological connection to start working whenever and wherever you want. Creating business cards is not a costly option and can be dropped off at trade schools and colleges as many students may need help in developing their resumes. 

This business will always be in demand as large volumes of people need their resumes to be written to enhance their employment opportunities. There are also no formal permits or licenses needed in starting this business, further minimizing investment costs and enhancing returns in this business. 

Resources needed for resume writing service: A computer and printer, a phone, business cards, domain name, a website, web hosting, bid sites like oDesk or Elance, and a marketing person to promote the business (this can be you).

Investment needed for resume writing service: $35 to $80 but can increase if certifications are obtained.

Expected returns on resume writing service: This will vary depending on the prices charged by each individual for services offered. 


Data entry services

The data entry business refers to information being entered into a computer or into a data recording system. After being typed, the information always has to be proofread before sending out as finalized documents. At times, for certain industries like the medical and insurance claim industry, information may need to be entered on the basis of specified codes. 

Business investment and start up costs are low for this business because it can be home based and so office furniture, equipment and a rental space won’t be required. Your target audience can be quite broad as data entry exists in a large number of businesses. Software tools can be used to enhance your skills, and the returns are also good because many businesses require the services of data entry professionals. 

Resources needed for data entry services: A computer, data base software, a high speed internet service, domain name, a website, web hosting, certificates to enter into certain data entry fields such as medical coding, and a marketing person to promote the business (this can be you).

Investment needed for data entry services: Around $30 to $100 may be needed to start up this business and create a domain name and website and charges may be increased if some software or a new laptop or computer has to be purchased. 

Expected returns on data entry services: This will depend on the startup costs and the fees charged for every project. 


Online social media consulting

In an online social media consulting business, you, being the consultant, will have to advise clients on how they can develop online media campaigns which may include the use of blogs, articles, videos and other such features on social networking sites. You will be required to provide advice on how clients and companies can integrate their content on different social networking sites, and how they can make strategies based on their clearly laid out plans. 

Your job as a social media consultant will also be to advise and assist companies and clients with the management and maintenance of their online presence on the most popular social networking sites like Facebook, Titter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+, to name a few. 

Though it may take effort and time in establishing yourself as a good and reliable consultant, the cost of starting up this business is not as high because you’ll be selling your advice and consultation and no products are needed. You can work from home and save on inventory and storage costs. 

Resources needed for online social media consulting: A domain name and a website, web posting, internet access to market your website and services on social networking sites. 

Investment needed for online social media consulting: Includes the costs of a domain which can range from $10 to $100, the cost of setting up a website with graphics and rich content to attract customers, can total up to more than $5,000. 

Expected returns on online social media consulting: The expected returns on an online social media consulting business will depend upon the fees you charge for the offering the services of each consult and advice to the companies and clients that seek your help. 


Online graphic designing

This business is all about the creation of visual communication by using a variety of images, symbols, colors, and designs. You will have to be well versed in page layout techniques, visual arts and typography for being able to produce excellent finishing results. 

You can choose to focus on the areas in which you excel, say for example, eBook cover designing or the creation of infographics. You could also choose to select or add logo and brochure designing as an area to focus on. 

This business investment expenditure is relatively low and the returns are on the higher end as online graphic designing is easy to get into if you are credited with a degree or certification in graphic designing. 

Also, you need to work on a computer and can perform your duties online and at home, and this greatly reduces the costs of overhead charges such as leasing, rental payment, commitments and the cost of creating or manufacturing inventory, which do not exist in this business. 

In addition to the above, this business can provide you with better returns since you can serve a multitude of clients even from a global perspective, since it is an online business. 

Resources needed for online graphic designing: A domain name, a website, web hosting, a marketing person (this can be you) to promote your online presence, computer software, and links to graphic designing websites and forums. 

Investment needed for online graphic designing: The total costs of setting up a website and a domain name with promotional efforts can lead up to $5,000 and above depending on the complexity and specifications of your website. 

Expected returns on online graphic designing: The expected returns  on this business will be based on how much you charge for the provision of your services and the number of clients you are able to obtain. 


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