San Francisco, California City Government Jobs

The city of San Francisco, California has a very diverse service economy. There are a huge range of professional services that are spread across a huge number of sectors. There were approximately 25% of workers working in the professional business services, 16% in government services, 15% in leisure and hospitality and 9% in financial services. The total GDP of San Francisco, California comes to around US $388.3 billion. 

San Francisco, California has six Fortune 500 Companies and over 30 international financial institutions. There is a huge support of a lot of professional services in law, public relations, design and architecture.

San Francisco, California has recently diversified even more from finance and tourism, hosting the industries of biotechnology and medical research. There has been a huge boom in internet start up companies in San Francisco, California. They attract upwards of $4.58 billion in financing in 2013.

Technology jobs have accounted for 1% in 1990 and it grew to 4% in 2010. By the end of 2013, the technology jobs in San Francisco, California have accounted for around 8%.

The top employer of the city if the government which accounts for 5.3% of the employment. This includes around 25,000 plus people employed. This is followed by UFSC which accounts for 22,000 employees and then the California Pacific Medical Centre which is the largest private sector employer with 1.8% employed, which is around 8,500 plus people employed. 

There has also been a huge growth in big box and formula retail chains and an effort to buoy in small privately owned businesses. The city of San Francisco, California has 4,000 manufacturing jobs which are spread across 500 companies and this keeps doubling since 2011. The city of San Francisco, California’s largest manufacturing employer is the Anchor Brewing Company whereas the largest on the basis of revenue is Timbuk2.


Agriculture/Measure and Weights Commissioner

Salary Range: $95,186- $121,472 annually

This position is under the Director of Environmental Health. This position requires the worker to plan, organize and direct programs to protect State agriculture and ensure consumer protection. 

The worker has to develop local administrative rules; manage State contracts and reporting requirements. The worker also has to direct inspection of licensed nurseries, supervise and register performance of all commercial agricultural pest control operators. The worker is also required to compile statistical reports, workload accomplishment and other reports. The worker should hear related complaints and adjudicate violations. Should have a bachelor’s degree and major in agriculture, environmental or physical science from an accredited college.


Deputy Director, Ethics Commission

Salary Range: $95,186 - $121,472

This position requires the worker to be responsible for the impartial and effective administration and enforcement of laws related to financing candidates, conflicts of interest, registration and reporting by lobbyists, campaign consultants, governmental ethics, public financing of candidates and major developers.

Should have a law degree from accredited law school and five or more years’ experience as a prosecutor in administrative law.


Director, Department of Homeless Prevention, Intervention and Supportive Housing

Salary Range: $151,034 - $192,764

This department was founded in 2015 by the mayor of San Francisco, California. The Department Director will have to consolidate homeless services and supportive housing. The worker will report directly to the mayor. The worker will be responsible to administer local, state and federal resources to homeless services and housing. 

Should have a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and public health and ten years of management experience in social service administration, housing administration and/or other homeless services.


Terminal System Manager, Airport- San Francisco International

Salary Range: $102,206 - $130,468

The manager will report to the Terminal Systems Manager and will be responsible for day to day operations of terminal systems. Should ensure optimal service operates in areas like aircraft gate management, passenger processing, baggage processing, etc. 

Should have a baccalaureate degree from accredited college and 5 years of professional experience in aviation sectors like aviation operations, facilities, etc.


Deputy Director of Audits

Salary Range: $110,188 - $140,608

The candidate should be a strategic leader and consensus builder. The candidates will have to work in sync with the Emergency Response Team, key city departments, financial managers, etc. Will lead the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and audit program.

Should have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college especially in accounting, finance, public policy and six years of auditing experience with government auditing standards


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