Indianapolis City Government Jobs

The City of Indianapolis offers an astounding exhibit of professional opportunities with more than 400 employment titles and 37 divisions to look over. The almost 7500 employees of the City of Indianapolis appreciate aggressive pay and benefits packages, liberal leave programs, and the fulfillment of doing work that makes Indianapolis an extraordinary spot to live and work.

San Francisco, California City Government Jobs

The city of San Francisco, California has a very diverse service economy. There are a huge range of professional services that are spread across a huge number of sectors. There were approximately 25% of workers working in the professional business services, 16% in government services, 15% in leisure and hospitality and 9% in financial services. The total GDP of San Francisco, California comes to around US $388.3 billion. 

Jacksonville, Florida Government Jobs 

The city of Jacksonville lies in the state of Florida. The city provides for a large port and it is here that the city is known for automobile imports. It is also a leader in the transportation and distribution in the state. The economy of the city is thriving. It is concentrated in mainly the distribution, financial services, information services, insurance and biomedical services. 

Austin, Texas City Government Jobs

One of the best places for getting a job, in the USA, is undoubtedly Austin-Texas.  It was ranked #1 in the ‘Best Cities for Jobs’ survey, conducted by Forbes in 2013. In fact, ‘The Bureau of Labour Statistics’ evaluates the unemployment rate in Austin to be around 5.5%, a very low figure. 

San Jose City Government Jobs

San Jose, California has become one of the thriving job centres, with a wide variety of lucrative government and private jobs. 

Dallas City Government Jobs

Dallas, which is the 4th most populous area in the US, is the largest urban centre for the oil and cotton industries. In the US, this metropolitan area is the 4th largest employment centre of the nation. It has more than 3 million non-farm jobs. It is predicted that Dallas will continue adding jobs at 2.8% rate through 2019. 

San Diego City government Jobs

San Diego is the 2nd largest in California and 8th largest in the USA. Military, tourism, manufacturing and international trade steers the economic wheel of San Diego. According to the City’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 2014, United States Navy, University of California, Sharp Healthcare, San Diego County and Qualcomm are the 5 biggest employers of San Diego. 

San Antonio, Texas Government Jobs

The city of San Antonio is the 7th most populated city in the U.S. and the 2nd in Texas. It is to the southwest of the American country, as a part of an urban region called as the Texas Triangle. The Government is managed by a Council – Manager who is part of the San Antonio City Council. 

Phoenix, Arizona City Government Jobs

Phoenix is also known as the Valley of Sun and was celebrated for its 5 C’s – Cattle, Copper, Cotton, Citrus and Climate. It is the sixth most populated city in the United States. It is home to some wonderful parks that span across the city with scenic views of the desert. Therefore, the tourist industry is pretty busy here, thanks to wonderful sunny climate throughout the year.

Philadelphia City Government Jobs

You may identify a variety of career options with the City of Philadelphia, explore your great earning potential and discover the experience required to progress through your career.